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From standard direct applications to ultimate street performance and full race applications we seek to provide the right product and service for our customers at the most competitive prices available.

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Bremtec - The new standard in brake friction.

Bremtec brake pads are manufactured to the highest original equipment
standard, developed and engineered to offer the optimum balance of
performance and durability.

Bremtec brake pads are manufactured using only quality components, sourcing the highest grade raw material and bonding agents like Hexion and Cardolite (a high end friction particle sometimes called friction dust) used as a stabilizing agent in brake products. These particles have a resilient nature which cushions the engaging property of the brake pad.
A key feature is that the friction component decomposes on the surface of the brake pad at various elevated temperatures. This ensures that the brake pad is protected from brake fade even in extreme temperatures, ensuring consistent pedal feel and braking.

Bremtec brake pads undergo positive molding and flash molding against specific formulation requirements, ensuring only the highest quality finished friction product.

Bremtec brake pads are a formulated semi metallic friction material offering low dust and low noise, while ensuring the highest levels of safety and performance.

Bremtec brake pads cover a comprehensive range covering American, European, Japanese, Korean and Australian applications with more than 1300 different part numbers.

All Bremtec brake friction products undergo the following stringent tests to assure only the highest quality finished friction product:
  • Honeywell compressibility
  • Shearing strength
  • Rockwell Hardness
  • Greening 1140 thermal expansion

Bremtec brake pads are tested according to demanding standards, and is the ideal aftermarket choice.
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