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Superstop is dedicated to providing our customers with the most comprehensive product portfolio in the braking and clutch business.

From standard direct applications to ultimate street performance and full race applications we seek to provide the right product and service for our customers at the most competitive prices available.

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Bremtec ENDURE- Engineered for 4WD and Heavy-Duty Applications.

Bremtec ENDURE covers a comprehensive range of 4WD & Heavy-Duty applications for American, European, Japanese and Australian manufacturers.


CMC technology offers superior stopping benefits, as the brake pads don’t hold heat, so they recover from a hard stop much faster, preventing fluid boiling and brake fade.

CMC technology eliminates brake noise. Brake noise can be traced back to a harmonic vibration caused by movement of the pads due to rotor run out, and the amount of play in the brake mounting hardware. CMC, while still affected by this vibration, raises the harmonic noise out of the range of the human ear. It’s still there, but we just can’t hear it anymore. The softness of the pad also helps absorb vibration much like the old organic compounds.

CMC technology contains zero magnetic properties. This ensures that the brake pad will not draw dust to the wheel.

ENDURE - Performance


Wolverine shims dramatically outperform conventional shim materials at cold noise temperatures (0 deg to 50 deg C) while still providing excellent performance at higher temperatures.


Designed to last the life of your brake pad Wolverine shims are extremely durable with excellent corrosion resistance properties.


NBR formulation and constrained layer construction deliver excellent heat and noise management properties across a wide range of operating temperatures.